Taos-the Place That Time Forgot

Taos, New Mexico

Taos is the kind of place that time forgot.  The town’s residents have been doing things their way for 30 years and will likely continue for another 30.  Taos Ski Valley is a bit up the road from the town but has a similar rustic vibe.  That’s not to say there aren’t modern amenities.  We stayed at the Snakedance condominiums and I was very impressed with our condo’s furnishings and appointments, everything was newer and nice.

Snakedance Condominiums 

There are a ton of great places to eat in and around Taos.  The Bavarian had a large german beer selection and wienerschnitzel the size of a manhole cover!  It was delicious!

The Taos Diner

The Taos Diner had a wonderful breakfast spread including grass fed beef and local ingredients.  Michael’s Kitchen is another breakfast spot and I ordered the “Christmas Tree breakfast burrito” whose name will make more sense when you see it!

Dining at Michael’s Kitchen

My favorite meal of the trip was at Aceq.  The lamb short ribs, caprese salad, Hamachi cones and fried chicken were all amazing.  They have a rotating menu, a great beer selection and super friendly waitstaff.  If you are looking for a foodie restaurant near Taos Ski Valley, Aceq is your place.

Earthship Made of Recycle Bottles

We did do some activities in between all the eating.  I recommend checking out the earthships, radically sustainable buildings just outside of town as well as the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge just down the road.  The Taos Pueblo is a unique place; people have been living there continuously for over 1000 years.  There are lots of great artists who have little shops in the pueblo and they were all very friendly to us. Taos is a great place to dine and explore!

Destination Expert, Andrew Bornstein


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