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Alpine Slide at Breckenridge Fun Park

If you’re looking for a fun family activity, load up the car with the kids and drive over to Breckenridge, Colorado, for a sunny weekend.  Breckenridge has built an amazing family-friendly Fun Park that won’t disappoint you.  From your condo in town, the gondola takes you right up the mountain to the Fun Park.  It is a beautiful ride.  The gondola is a walk-on, glass-enclosed, 4 seater that glides over tree tops and beaver ponds where you might catch a glimpse of a furry swimmer with big teeth.  If you’re not into heights, there is also a free bus that circles regularly from the village to the park.  The Fun Park has something to offer everyone, including the family canine.  There’s an enclosed doggy park, a childcare area, a Starbucks to settle down with a warm cup of coffee and an eatery to tame the hungry beasts.

When you’re ready for some fun, the choices of activities meet all kinds of needs too.  You can start with the exciting mountain coaster.  Each coaster can seat a single rider or you can put a small guest in front of you.  The cart gets pulled up the mountain on its own.  It’s nice to look around while you’re getting towed up the mountain.  The flowers are in bloom and the air is crisp, with a hint of the chill yet to come.   When you reach the top and start down the rails, be sure to use the brake minimally.  Your coaster can get going excitingly fast!

The thrilling Roller Coaster ride at Breckenridge

Next get in line at the ski lift for a ride up to the alpine slide.  If you like speed, go for track C.  Track A and B can be used for racing a friend.  You do need to use your brake on this track or risk running off the course and getting a fast ride to the local hospital for a full day tour there!

Another fun activity is the Human Maze.  If you decide to try this challenging activity out, be sure to have lots of patience.  It isn’t as easy to find the exit as you would think.  I got turned around over a dozen times before I finally saw the end.  I have to admit I was pretty proud of myself for not giving up.

Patience is needed for this Challenge

There are some really fun activities for your younger ones.  Their kid-friendly activities include panning for gems in a running water trough, rubber duck racing down a watery slope, a bouncer to strap in to and flip around on and an easy miniature golf course to hit balls on.

I recommend getting the day pass for everyone.  It is such a fun area, your family will easily spend hours there having a blast.  Be sure to take lots of pictures!

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