Great Dining Options at Breckenridge

Empire Burger is a great sports bar.

There are over 93 different dining options in Breckenridge.  For a unique experience, you could try the Dredge, a 2,000,000 pound floating restaurant on the Riverwalk.  It was the last dredge operating on the pond in 1942 and converted to an interesting dining option.  Or try something as entertaining as Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant, a spin off the movie Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks.  When you enter, they will ask you trivia questions about scenes in that famous movie.  Have your game on!

The Breckenridge locals are not hesitant to tell you their favorite restaurants. Here’s a list by catagory:

Breakfast-Columbine Cafe


Bakery – Clint’s Bakery

Steakhouse-Steak & Rib


Burger-Empire Burger

Beer-Breckenridge Brewery

Sports Bar-Fatty’s Pizzaria

I decided to try a couple of these out for myself.  I had an amazing Kona Burger at Empire Burger.  This sports bar has lots of television viewing options from the bar as well as the seats.  The service was fast and friendly.  And if you order french fries or onion rings, be prepared to choose from one of 15 specialty sauce choices.

Giampietro’s is worth the wait.

Giampietro’sItalian is difficult to get into. You have to expect a 45 minute wait during prime hours.  Once you get inside you understand why. There are only a few tables on one side of a small restaurant.  They are really known for their pizzas, which the locals will tell you are worth the wait.  If you’re not that patient, order carryout!

Breakfast at Columbine Cafe

Another local restaurant, Columbine Cafe, is great for its rustic atmosphere and known for its wonderful breakfast.  I tried the Columbine Benedikt with hashbrowns.  It was absolutely delicious.  My husband tried the Corned Beef Hash breakfast. It was so good he was insisting everyone at the table grab a fork and sample it.

I was not disappointed with Fatty’s Pizza.  The restaurant had a tempting, mouth-watering smell that lured you through the door to take a seat.  When the pizza arrived, we wolfed it down.  It was absolutely delicious!  The friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere were welcoming.  This is a great place to hang out.

With so many dining options in Breckenridge, foodies will not be disappointed.

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