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The Beautiful Bavarian Restaurant

I recently had the opportunity to visit Taos, New Mexico, for the first time.  My initial thought regarding what I would encounter when it came to the regional dining was a lot of really great Mexican food.  While Taos certainly does have that there are a ton of other great culinary experiences you could enjoy while visiting this exciting little town.

Breakfast. I had the opportunity to visit two renowned breakfast joints while in the area, Taos Diner and Michael’s Kitchen.  Neither disappointed.  Both of these establishments will get your day started off right.  In fact, you probably won’t be hungry again until dinner…the portions are huge! At Taos Diner try their homemade biscuits with sausage and gravy.  At Michael’s Kitchen you don’t want to miss their breakfast burrito topped with homemade green chili.  And make sure not to leave Michael’s without grabbing a goody to go from their amazing selection of baked goods. You might not be hungry at the moment, but you will certainly be happy you grabbed one of their tasty treats for a little mid-day pick-me-up.

Lunch.  A few miles up a windy road past Taos Ski Valley’s base area you will find an unusual lunch treat, The Bavarian Restaurant.  Grab a seat outside, take in the gorgeous mountain views and be treated to a world-class German meal complete with large steins of your favorite German brew.  Come hungry, the meals are sizable.

Enjoying lunch at the Bavarian Restaurant

Treat.  Who doesn’t like ice cream in the summer?  For the best homemade ice cream in Taos make sure to stop in at the Taos Cow located in Arroyo Seco.  They serve up flavors ranging from classic vanilla and chocolate to pistachio, peach, and strawberry.

Dinner.  Arroyo Seco may seem like a sleepy little town that just happens to be nestled along the road between the town of Taos and Taos Ski Valley, but this town has a dinner hot spot that can’t be missed.  Aceq is a small family-owned restaurant with a constantly changing menu based on what is fresh and in season.  This restaurant offers a comfortable, non-stuffy atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying a quiet meal with a loved one or getting together with all your friends. They also offer a great wine and beer list.  You don’t want to miss this place.

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