Top 5 Things To Do in Taos

Rio Grande Gorge

1)      Take in the sites of the Rio Grande Gorge located just a few miles north and west of Taos on US Hwy 64.  This 800-ft deep gorge has been carved out by the Rio Grande as it makes its 1900 mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico.  Many interesting wildlife live here, including Big Horn Sheep, river otter and Cutthroat trout.

2)      Take a tour of the Earthship Biotecture and learn how this unique community of people are living off the earth. This sustainable community was built with natural and recycled materials. Located a few miles NW of the Rio Grande Gorge on US Hwy 64.

Earthship Biotecture

3)      Visit Ojo Caliente Resort and sooth your tired muscles in the natural hot springs.  Considered a sacred spot for local indigenous people for hundreds of years, the natural hot springs is a gathering place to heal and relax.

4)      Visit the old Taos Pueblo and learn how this Native American community has been living in this area continuously for over 1000 years.  These adobe buildings appear much the same today as they looked when the Spanish Explorers first visited the site.  This amazing development is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Historic Landmark.

5)      Shop ‘til you drop in downtown Taos.  Taos is known for its amazing community of artists. You will find everything from beautifully woven rugs, colorful paintings, ironwork, hand-carved furniture, pottery, and intricately designed jewelry made from a wide array of stones and minerals.

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