Snow in September is not going to stop us from biking at Canyons Resort!

Fall  Ride at Canyons Resort

Tik-tok… tik-tok… as I sit eagerly awaiting the arrival of my late-as-usual boyfriend. The minutes seem like hours as I wait for him to come home so that we can finally begin our long-awaited weekend getaway at the fabulous Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.

I hear him pull into the drive. The front door opens and just like that it’s bags packed, bikes packed, high-fives and we’re off!

The drive is quick and effortless as we leave Salt Lake City and head up the canyon to our destination. As we pull in to the grand entrance at the Grand Summit Hotel we were greeted with a welcoming smile from our valet attendant. Our gear, which was surprisingly abundant (my boyfriend packs a lot of shoes), was so effortlessly loaded onto the bell cart that we hardly had time to take in the crisp evening air and star-speckled sky overhead before we were being guided through the lobby and up to our third floor suite.

The room was spacious and relaxing and we made short work of unpacking our things, taking a few quality jumps on the bed, and setting our bikes aside – which the staff was very courteous in letting us take with us up to our room.

Once settled I heard the familiar growl of my traveling companion’s stomach – the tell-tale sign that dinner was about to go down! We asked a group of guests where they would recommend we visit for dinner and without hesitation they all replied the ‘Red Tail’… which made our decision a very easy one. We were pleased to find that the Red Tail was just quieting down from their usual dinner rush and we nearly had the entire place to ourselves. Our host greeted us, seated us, and started us off with a warm serving of crisp chips and chunky salsa. I had the roasted butternut squash salad  which couldn’t have been better. And let’s not forget my prickly pear margarita!   Fresh, crisp, and topped with just the perfect amount of all the extras. My dinner companion was equally as excited about the heaping plate of tasty taquitos that were set before him. Neither of us left there that night feeling anything but fulfilled! Did I mention the flan…?

Back to the room we called it an early night, wrapped ourselves up all snug in our very large and very soft bed and quickly dreamed the night away. Granted, my boyfriend rarely remembers much, but neither of us could ever remember sleeping so good!

Morning greeted us with a beautiful sunlit blue sky. Perfect weather for spending a cool fall day riding the mountain trails and runs at the bike park. The gondola ride up really set the mood for what we were about to enjoy. Watching the vast tree-covered landscape and diverse terrain pass far below us was more than enough to get our minds racing and our faces smiling! The bike park is AMAZING! Everyone involved has done a fantastic job in making the runs and terrain accessible and open to everyone – no matter what your skill level. Trust me, if my biking partner can do it, ANYONE can! I really can’t think of a better way to pass the day.  Our experience at Canyons Resort is one I’ll never forget.

Safe Travels,

Jamie Bangerter (3 Posts)

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