What’s Your Sign?

What kind of skier or snowboarder are you? Green, Blue, or Black? Not sure? Check out the descriptions below and find out which sign represents you best!

Green:  Do you occasionally knock people over when getting off the lift? Can you be seen wearing borrowed gear and sunglasses in a pizza wedge cruising down the mountain? Well then, you’re sign is Green! Green skiers can also be seen wearing jeans on the slopes and spend about 2 hours cruising around before taking a break in the lodge.

Blue: Do you love the corduroy on the groomed runs? Do you have half a dozen old passes still clipped to the zipper of your ski pants? Well then, you’re sign is Blue! Blue skiers love shredding up the groomed runs and catching 2 feet of air. They will spend about 3 hours shredding and then head to the lodge to refuel with a bowl of chili.

Black:  Can you do it all? Do you love shredding powder, cruising through tree runs, and finding the steepest and most challenging runs at the resort? Well then, you’re sign is Black! Black skiers can be seen with duct tape patching up their worn clothing. They will wear themselves out on the mountain for up to 5 hours before taking a break with nachos and a beer.

Whatever your sign may be, be proud and rock it!

What’s Your Sign?

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