A Biker’s Dream-cation in Park City, Utah

Thankfully the freeway drive from Salt Lake up to Park City is a quick and easy endeavor, as our weekend trip started out a bit later than expected and we still had to load the bags, load the bikes, and drop off the ‘kids’, Lilly, Reggie, and Axl (two Yorkshire Terriers and a French Bulldog) at Nana’s house before hitting the open road.

We arrived at the Canyons Grand Summit resort just before midnight and were taken back at the friendliness of the front desk staff even at this late hour. Our check-in went smooth and painless and before we could say ‘valet’, our bags were neatly sorted, our mountain bikes unloaded, and the entire lot graciously escorted to our two-night home-away-from-home.

It was late. We were tired. We hit the bed quick – and quickly noticed how soft and comfy the bed, bedding, and pillows were. I doubt there has ever been a nicer way to welcome a well-deserved dream.

We couldn’t help it… we slept in. But we knew we had to leave the covers sometime so as not to waste away the beauty that awaited us outside and on the mountain.

A quick quaint drive up Park City’s historic Main Street brought us to The Eating Establishment and a delicious helping to our morning breakfast. From there we set out to the trailhead to begin our day of pedaling in paradise. Lucky for us, the Grand Summit is perfectly situated and makes for a great ending to a long, lovely mountain bike ride on Park City’s premiere Mid-Mountain trails. No matter where you choose to start, if you’re bold enough to ride til the end, you’re greeted with a welcome view of the Grand Summit’s grand façade as your tires and the trail deliver you back to first-class civilization.

With a quick dust-off we were more than ready for a fulfilling dinner. Where to eat? No, really, where to eat…? The Canyons resort boasts an amazing selection of quality dining places. We decided on one of our favorites – the Red Tail Grill, where we knew the service would be excellent, the salsa spicy, and the food unforgettable! Well, maybe unforgettable to most, unless you decide to partake in one (or three) of their mixed-to-perfection margaritas! One of my most favorite guilty pleasures!

Oh no, he did it again, he ate so much that his swimming suit barely fits. Well, no way he’s getting out of this one because there’s no better way to enjoy a mountainside evening than with a refreshing dip in the Grand Summit’s luxurious pool and jacuzzi. So, as I loaded my boyfriend up with six (or was it seven) of the spa’s plush pool towels, we found our spot poolside, kicked off our shoes, and dove in! Truly a perfect way to end a perfect day!

After another dreamy night under the covers we awoke to yet another beautiful sun-lit mountainside view beckoning us to come and play. And our playground for the day – the Canyons Bike Park, where you can save all of your pedaling for the Park Silly Sunday market afterwards! The bike park is a true mountain bike enthusiasts paradise, with well-maintained runs and trails ranging from the smooth and simple, to the bumpy and jumpy! We decided to sample a bit of both during our two-wheeled chairlift access to adventure! Fun, fun, fun! No other way to describe it!

There really is so much to do, see and experience during even the shortest of stay at the Grand Summit resort that merely reading or writing about it can’t possibly do it justice. So, get out there and experience it for yourself! – and be sure to tell them the Mtb’n Margarita Girl sent you! : )


Safe Travels,

Destination Expert Jamie Bangerter

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