Ski Free, Stay Free, Rent Free


Our Ski Free, Stay Free, Rent Free event is back again for 7 of our favorite resorts. Until January 31, if you book with one of the selected resorts for a minimum amount of nights, you will receive a free night, free day of skiing, and a free day of ski rentals. But act fast, because this favorite offer ends soon.

Click here to learn more and book today!

Safe Travels,

The Mountain Reservations Team

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Telluride’s ‘Quaint Ski Village’

Question 1 Gondola

I had the pleasure of returning to Telluride after more than a decade! Both downtown and the mountain village area have changed a lot, but I found that Telluride still had that ‘quaint ski village’ feel to it. Although all of Colorado offers a variety of ski areas, terrains and mountain villages, Telluride really stands out. It’s a unique ski destination with great terrain, restaurants and nightlife; a perfect destination for families, groups and singles. The mountain village area is very well laid out, so that many of the properties have easy lift and/or ski access.  The downtown has more charm than just about any ski area in Colorado! It may be a little harder to get to and require two flights, compared to flying into Denver, but once you arrive, Telluride will not disappoint!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Safe Travels,

Destination Expert Jennie Graz

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Season’s Greeting Sale


Forget clothes, jewelry, and toys this Christmas and instead give the gift of travel with our Season’s Greeting Sale! Save up to 50% off your winter vacation at some of our favorite resorts such as Vail, Beaver Creek, Lake Tahoe, Puerto Vallarta, and so many more! Use your winter vacation shredding down the slopes, or scuba diving in crystal blue waters. No matter what type of vacation you desire, we have the perfect deal for you!

Click here to learn more about our Season’s Greeting Sale!

Safe Travels,

The Mountain Reservations Team

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Book Early, Save Big–Up to 50%

Spring Skiing

Wondering when the perfect time is to book your winter ski vacation or your Christmas getaway? Well we have the answer…… RIGHT NOW! With our Book Early Save Big promotion, get rewarded for early planning with over up to 50% off on numerous vacation rentals! Start searching now and book today for the lowest prices of the season. No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for, with our variety of properties you are sure to find the rental that is just right for you. Vacations should be anything but ordinary and most of your experience depends on where you stay. Homes, condos, and vacation rentals are the perfect choice for experiencing your mountain getaway as it was meant to be. Browse available vacation rentals online or call one of our Local Destination Experts for personalized travel advice.

Click here to learn more about this amazing deal!

Safe Travels,

The Mountain Reservations Team

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A Biker’s Dream-cation in Park City, Utah

Thankfully the freeway drive from Salt Lake up to Park City is a quick and easy endeavor, as our weekend trip started out a bit later than expected and we still had to load the bags, load the bikes, and drop off the ‘kids’, Lilly, Reggie, and Axl (two Yorkshire Terriers and a French Bulldog) at Nana’s house before hitting the open road.

We arrived at the Canyons Grand Summit resort just before midnight and were taken back at the friendliness of the front desk staff even at this late hour. Our check-in went smooth and painless and before we could say ‘valet’, our bags were neatly sorted, our mountain bikes unloaded, and the entire lot graciously escorted to our two-night home-away-from-home.

It was late. We were tired. We hit the bed quick – and quickly noticed how soft and comfy the bed, bedding, and pillows were. I doubt there has ever been a nicer way to welcome a well-deserved dream.

We couldn’t help it… we slept in. But we knew we had to leave the covers sometime so as not to waste away the beauty that awaited us outside and on the mountain.

A quick quaint drive up Park City’s historic Main Street brought us to The Eating Establishment and a delicious helping to our morning breakfast. From there we set out to the trailhead to begin our day of pedaling in paradise. Lucky for us, the Grand Summit is perfectly situated and makes for a great ending to a long, lovely mountain bike ride on Park City’s premiere Mid-Mountain trails. No matter where you choose to start, if you’re bold enough to ride til the end, you’re greeted with a welcome view of the Grand Summit’s grand façade as your tires and the trail deliver you back to first-class civilization.

With a quick dust-off we were more than ready for a fulfilling dinner. Where to eat? No, really, where to eat…? The Canyons resort boasts an amazing selection of quality dining places. We decided on one of our favorites – the Red Tail Grill, where we knew the service would be excellent, the salsa spicy, and the food unforgettable! Well, maybe unforgettable to most, unless you decide to partake in one (or three) of their mixed-to-perfection margaritas! One of my most favorite guilty pleasures!

Oh no, he did it again, he ate so much that his swimming suit barely fits. Well, no way he’s getting out of this one because there’s no better way to enjoy a mountainside evening than with a refreshing dip in the Grand Summit’s luxurious pool and jacuzzi. So, as I loaded my boyfriend up with six (or was it seven) of the spa’s plush pool towels, we found our spot poolside, kicked off our shoes, and dove in! Truly a perfect way to end a perfect day!

After another dreamy night under the covers we awoke to yet another beautiful sun-lit mountainside view beckoning us to come and play. And our playground for the day – the Canyons Bike Park, where you can save all of your pedaling for the Park Silly Sunday market afterwards! The bike park is a true mountain bike enthusiasts paradise, with well-maintained runs and trails ranging from the smooth and simple, to the bumpy and jumpy! We decided to sample a bit of both during our two-wheeled chairlift access to adventure! Fun, fun, fun! No other way to describe it!

There really is so much to do, see and experience during even the shortest of stay at the Grand Summit resort that merely reading or writing about it can’t possibly do it justice. So, get out there and experience it for yourself! – and be sure to tell them the Mtb’n Margarita Girl sent you! : )


Safe Travels,

Destination Expert Jamie Bangerter

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Our Top Travel Tips and Hacks

Recently at Mountain Reservations we have become obsessed with a new article from entitled 32 Genius Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever. Not only did this article give us some incredible packing tips, but some of the advice was even mind-blowing to employees who have been in the travel industry for over a decade. These “travel hacks” are guaranteed to save you time, energy, and possibly even some money. Below we have highlighted our favorite 10 tips in hopes they will help out our customers one day.

1. Use a private or incognito window when booking flights and hotels online. 


Most popular travel sites with usually track your visits and the raise the price simply because you have visited before.

2. Use a binder clip to protect the head of shaving razors.


This will save you money on purchasing new razor heads, and save anything else the razor attaches itself to.

3. A shower cap is an easy way to cover the bottoms of shoes.


Simply put the shoes inside the cap and viola!, no shoe debris on those white pants.

4. To use Google Maps offline, type “OK Maps,” and the visible area will save for future access.


No WiFi or 4G? No problem.

5. When reserving airline seats for two, reserve the aisle and the window seats.


If no one takes the middle seat you will have the full row to yourself, if someone does you can simply ask them to switch so you can sit next to your partner.

6. If you forgot your wall plug, charge your devices through the USB slot in a TV.


Most hotels have TVs with USB chargers, making it helpful for lost wall chargers or too many chargers and not enough wall sockets.

7. Wait to purchase airline tickets until 3 p.m. on Tuesdays.


This is typically when the big Airlines reduce their fares to compete with discount airlines like Southwest and JetBlue. This is an excellent money saver for anyone on a budget.

8. Prevent messy spills in your luggage with plastic wrap.


Unscrew the lids to shampoos and other liquids and place a patch of saran wrap over the top before screwing the lid back on.

9. Be able to use your GPS while traveling abroad.


If you are out of the country without an international plan, turn your phone to airplane mode and turn off your data to use the GPS without connecting to the internet.

10. Skip the wait at the baggage claim with “fragile” stickers.


Place fragile stickers on your luggage, even if it is not, to ensure gentler handling by airport staff. Also, fragile items are often placed on top of the other luggage meaning it is one of the first to come out at baggage claim.

Check out the rest of the 32 travel tips here.

Safe Travels

The Mountain Reservations Team

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Deals Deals Deals!

Osprey at Beaver Creek

Osprey at Beaver Creek

Summertime is famous for deals and unbelievable savings on vacations whether it’s on rentals, transportation, activities, or lodging. At Mountain Reservations, we have entire page dedicated to deals and saving our customers their hard-earned money on vacations. Check out some of our hottest deals going on right now!

Sizzling Summer Sale-Save up to 50% on your summer vacation!

Best Mountain Lodging-Save up to 40% on your mountain stay this summer!

Winter on Sale Now!-Plan ahead and save on your winter vacations by booking early!

Summer Mountain Festivals-Stay where all the great festivals are happening this summer and you could earn free nights!

Earn Free Nights-Book early and earn a free night stay!

Safe Travels,

The Mountain Reservations Team




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Park City, UT Summer Opening This Weekend

The perfect place for hiking (photo taken from

The perfect place for hiking (photo taken from

It’s time to hang up your skis and snowboards and pack away all your gear because SUMMERTIME IS HERE.

Park City, UT is kicking off summer right this Saturday, May 23. At Park City you can enjoy access to the mountain by 3 available chairlifts, cruise down one of the longest Alpine Slides, and try out a new favorite–the Alpine Coaster. With an array of thrilling–and not so thrilling–activities and festivals this summer, Park City is a destination you won’t want to skip. Click the link below to preview the Alpine Coaster. Go ahead, I dare you.

Park City Alpine Coaster

To book your trip to Park City today, click here.

Safe Travels,

The Mountain Reservation Team


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Steamboat: Top 4 Things to Know Before You Go

There's Nothing like Biking in Beautiful Colorado

There’s Nothing like Biking in Beautiful Colorado

1)    Ski town USA consistently hosts the most annual snow fall in Colorado as well as some of the top tree skiing in the world.  Champagne powder and perfectly spaced aspen trees make this lesser known mountain hidden gem.  Dotted with world-class restaurants whilst having the feeling of a Wild West town, “the Boat” is a unique vacation destination all year round.  Be sure to treat yourself to soak in one of the natural mineral hot springs for a truly memorable vacation.

2)    Steamboat Springs is home to a variety of incredible restaurants.  One of the local’s favorites, La Montana, is located just across the street from the ski mountain in a cute little shopping center.  The margaritas are extra refreshing after skiing hard all day and the Shrimp wrap with bacon covered in Jalapeno Hollandaise will not only warm you up but it will keep a smile on your face the whole day. A short 5 minute drive into the downtown area will bring you to an eclectic array of shops and restaurants such as the original malt shoppe located in the historic pharmacy, an old school candy shop with homemade goodies, a candle making shop and the best breakfast restaurant on the planet called “……..”.  Between an epic mountain experience, unforgettable hot springs, fabulous restaurants and shopping, Steamboat Springs has something for everyone.

3)    Appropriately named, the “Heavenly Daze” could just about be the most fun run on the mountain. It gently weaves all the way from the top of the gondola down to the base of the ski area. This easy skiing blue run is a very popular way to cap off the day while watching the valley floor close in with every turn as friends and family await your return.  I have fond memories of lining up on top with all of my friends. We each take turns guiding each other down while playfully weaving amongst each other and celebrate in gratitude another epic day on the mountain!

4)    The Eagle Ridge Condos are a well-kept secret right down the street from the Steamboat Springs Ski Area. When my family and I had the pleasure of skiing and relaxing in Steamboat we were elated with the perfect location and comfortable accommodations. Not only did our 2 bedroom condo have a view of the mountain but it was ground level right next to the pool and hot tubs. The kitchen was fantastically appointed with a complementary bottle of wine waiting for us.  The lobby at Eagle Ridge Condos was very welcoming with a gracious staff, free coffee and baked goods to lounge around the fire with. Should you be in the mood for a short 10 minute walk to get warmed up, there is an easy bike path that leads right to the gondola. On the way there is a health minded mini-market to grab a coffee or some snacks. The condos also offer a shuttle to the slopes which is very convenient for those who would rather not walk with their equipment. Either way, once aboard the gondola the whole mountain is accessible and you are sure to have a great time.  Our family had such a memorable and pleasant experience we will be sure to stay at Eagle Ridge on our next Steamboat Springs vacation.

Safe Travels,
Ryan Zeller

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Snowmass: Know before you go

Highland Bowl From Aspen Mountain

1)    Après ski, quick snack, cold beer and a great menu….all of that is available at the New Belgium Ranger Station, right next to the Westin Hotel in Snowmass, Colorado. This slope side location with incredible craft beer just might take the cake for the most refreshing pit stop in Snowmass Village. Be sure to sample one of the unique craft beers they have on tap that are not available in bottles. An incredible blend of flavors that I will never forget is the Coconut Curry Ale: a light but spicy ale with a sweet coconut after taste. Tasty brew with a soft pretzel pizza after skiing fresh powder all day really hit the spot.

2)    Ular nights- The whole family will enjoy a night on the mountain where the medieval theme welcomes Ular, the great god of snow.  Employees are dressed in festive costumes acting as gracious and playful hosts.  The event starts at 5 pm and the Elk Camp restaurant and bar are open for dinner with a great kids menu. The outdoor activities are plentiful but not too overwhelming. There are options for the little ones to ride snow bikes just their size on the bunny slopes while the big kids slide through a dark snow cave.  The highlight of the evening for most is the well-groomed tube sledding hills that vary in length and pitch making it a hoot for all ages. Top off the night with an incredible fire dancing show and s’mores at the fire.

As a father of 3, I can say first hand that the atmosphere invites one to get out there and be a kid. The banked turns of the groomed tubing hill glide so freely under the dark night sky that the thrill will delight parents and little ones alike. I recommend dressing the children in pajamas under their snowsuits because chances are they will quickly fall asleep to the soothing sounds and dark night of the gondola ride home.  Reap the silent reward of this night to be remembered while you gaze out at the distant lights of the village.

Safe Travels,
Ryan Zeller

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